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THEMYS Thermal Analysers

THEMYS Thermal Analysers by SETARAM offer Ultra-High Temperature Capability, Modular Adaptations, and a variety of atmosphere conditions.

Product Overview

THEMYS Thermal Analysers by SETARAM are cutting-edge instruments designed to provide comprehensive thermal analysis solutions. With versions including TGA, DTA, DSC, STA, EGA, and TMA, these analysers offer Ultra-High Temperature Capability up to 2400°C. Suitable for a wide range of applications, from melting of coals ashes to biomass pyrolysis study, THEMYS Thermal Analysers are equipped with advanced features like Tri-Couple DTA Technology and Hang-Down Symmetrical Beam Balance.

Features & Benefits

Ultra-High Temperature:
Up to 2400°C Capability

Precision Assured:
Hang-Down Symmetrical Beam Balance

Advanced Analysis:
Tri-Couple DTA Technology

Customizable Solutions: Modular Adaptations"

Enhanced Capabilities: External Coupling with FTIR, MS, GCMS

Key applications

  • Ultra-High Temperature Capability (up to 2400°C): Enables diverse applications.
  • Variety of Atmosphere Conditions: Offers flexibility in analysis.
  • Hang-Down Symmetrical Beam Balance: Ensures precision and stability.
  • Tri-Couple DTA Technology: Provides accurate differential thermal analysis.
  • Modular Adaptations: Allows customization to specific needs.
  • External Coupling Capability (FTIR, MS, GCMS, etc.): Enhances analytical possibilities.
  • Wide Application Range: From melting of coals ashes to high-temperature characterisation of redox systems.

THEMYS Thermal Analysers Product Video

About the THEMYS Thermal Analysers

THEMYS Thermal Analysers by SETARAM represent a significant advancement in the field of thermal analysis. These state-of-the-art instruments are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, from the melting of coals ashes to the sintering of AL2O3.

The problem of limited temperature range and inflexible analysis conditions is addressed by THEMYS Thermal Analysers. With Ultra-High Temperature Capability up to 2400°C and a variety of atmosphere conditions, they offer unparalleled flexibility. The Hang-Down Symmetrical Beam Balance and Tri-Couple DTA Technology provide precision and accuracy, ensuring reliable results.

The standout feature is the  modular adaptations, allowing  customisation to specific needs, making THEMYS Thermal Analysers adaptable to various applications. The external coupling capability further enhances analytical possibilities, connecting with FTIR, MS, GCMS, and more.

The wide range of applications,  positions THEMYS Thermal Analysers as a comprehensive solution for thermal analysis. Backed by SETARAM’s expertise, these instruments are not just tools but complete solutions for advanced thermal analysis.

"The Themys from SETARAM is a versatile thermal analysis instrument capable of performing
a variety of measurements, including TGA, DSC, and TMA, up to 2400°C. It's ideal for complex applications in energy, environment, and materials science."

Product FAQ's

Up to 2400°C, suitable for diverse applications.

Yes, they offer modular adaptations for specific needs.

TDSC,DTA,STA,TMA and Hang-Down Symmetrical Beam Balance.

Various industries, including energy, environment, pharmaceuticals, and more.

SETARAM, a leading provider of thermal analysis solutions, manufactures THEMYS Thermal Analyzers.

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