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Thermo HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometers

The Thermo HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometers are a user-friendly, modular rheometers for a diverse range of quality control and research applications.

Product Overview

The HAAKE MARS iQ Rotational Rheometer is a state-of-the-art device designed for intuitive and reliable rheological measurements. Available with either a ball bearing or air bearing configuration, it can be used with a wide range of accessories and temperature control modules. Ideal for characterising a variety of materials, including liquids, slurries, polymers, and more, it offers fast, reliable results in both research and quality control environments.

Features & Benefits

Intuitive Handling

Touchscreen Operation

Versatile Applications

Paints & Inks, Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, Mining & Construction, Education, Batteries

Comprehensive Software


Key applications

  • Intuitive Operations: Multifunctional 7” touchscreen for easy operation.
  • Intelligent Design: High-performance mineral composite casting for minimal temperature expansion.
  • Individualised Configurations: Available with a wide variety of temperature modules and measuring geometries.
  • Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR): Tests according to AASHTO, ASTM, and DIN.
  • Air-cooled Peltier Temperature Module: For precise temperature control.
  • HAAKE RheoWin Rheology Software: Extensive, user-friendly, measuring flexibility with free updates.

About the Thermo HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometers

The HAAKE MARS iQ Rotational Rheometer is a groundbreaking solution that addresses the complex demands of rheological testing. In industries ranging from food and pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals and construction, understanding the flow and deformation of materials is crucial. The traditional methods often fall short in accuracy, flexibility, and ease of use.  

Enter the HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer, a product that combines intelligent design with user-friendly operations. Its multifunctional touchscreen allows for standard operating procedures to be run directly from the rheometer, while the “Connect Assist” functionality allows the user to quickly and effortlessly change between measuring geometries. The device offers personalised configurations with a broad range of accessories, making it suitable for diverse applications. 

Thermo HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometers - in use
Thermo HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometers - in use 8

Whether it’s the shear viscosity of paints and coatings or the yield stress of food products, the HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer delivers precise and reliable results. The air-cooled Peltier temperature module ensures accurate temperature control, while the HAAKE RheoWin software provides extensive measuring flexibility. 

By offering a solution that is both sophisticated and user-friendly, the HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer not only solves the problem of complex rheological testing but also empowers users to innovate and optimise their products and processes. 

"The HAAKE MARS iQ Rotational Rheometer by Thermo Fisher Scientific
offers advanced rheological measurements with a user-friendly interface,
ideal for diverse quality control and research applications."

Product FAQ's

The Haake Mars iQ can be used to characterise paints, coatings, inks, food, pharmaceuticals, polymer melts, bitumen and asphalt, and construction materials.

Yes, HAAKE RheoWin Software is used to design and implement methods as well as carry out analysis of results.

Yes, the Mars iQ rheometer range has a modular design that can be customised to your specific requirements with a wide range of accessories and measuring geometries available.

With a wide range of temperature modules and accessories available for the Mars iQ rheometer, it is possible to characterise from water-like to semi-solid samples. From cone and plate, parallel plate and coaxial cylinder rotors, to the temperature chamber with DMTA capabilities, the Haake Mars iQ range offers a huge variety of accessories to suit your testing requirements.

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