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VANEOX Presses

VANEOX Presses offer innovative solutions for X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) by creating precise pressed pellets, with a range from manual to programmable models suitable for diverse applications.

Product Overview

VANEOX® Presses, offered by SciMed through FLUXANA®, are designed to provide robust and reliable solutions for creating pressed pellets in XRF analysis. With a range of models from 15t manual to 40t programmable presses, these devices cater to various applications, including benchtop ED-XRF and WD-XRF. The high-throughput models, touch display, and software enhance efficiency and convenience, making them suitable for diverse industries.

Features & Benefits

Precision in XRF

15t to 40t Models

High Throughput

Ideal for WD-XRF

Versatile Applications

Benchtop to High-End

Key applications

  • Manual and Automatic Operation: From 15t to 40t, with stroke specifications of 16mm, 30mm, and 60mm.
  • High Throughput Models: Ideal for WD-XRF applications.
  • Touch Display and Software: Programmable all-rounder for maximum convenience.
  • Solutions for XRF Applications: Including Benchtop ED-XRF.
  • Accessories and Support: Pellet films, backing cups, support rings, and expert advice.

About the VANEOX Presses

VANEOX® Presses are revolutionizing the field of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) by offering precise and efficient solutions for creating pressed pellets. These presses, ranging from 15t manual to 40t programmable models, are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, including polymers, petrochemicals, and construction.

The problem of inconsistent and time-consuming pellet preparation is addressed by the VANEOX® Presses. With stroke specifications of 16mm, 30mm, and 60mm, and options for manual or automatic operation, they provide flexibility and efficiency.

VANEOX Presses
VANEOX® 25t Press
VANEOX® 25t Press Manual
VANEOX® 40t Press

The high-throughput models are particularly suitable for WD-XRF applications, ensuring rapid analysis without compromising accuracy.

The touch display and software add to the convenience, allowing programmable operations and easy adjustments. Accessories such as pellet films and backing cups further enhance the functionality, making the VANEOX® Presses a comprehensive solution for XRF applications.

"The MiniWAVE from SCP SCIENCE is a compact, top-loading microwave digestion system with a touchscreen for easy operation, suitable for processing multiple samples in various fields like environmental and food testing."

Product FAQ's

The range includes 15t Manual, 25t Manual, 25t Electric, and 40t Programmable Presses.

Yes, they are suitable for both benchtop ED-XRF and WD-XRF applications.

The stroke specifications are 16mm for manual models, 30mm for the 25t electric model, and 60mm for the 40t programmable model.

Yes, the 40t programmable model comes with touch display and software for maximum convenience.

You can contact FLUXANA® at their location in Bedburg-Hau, Germany, or through their official website.


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