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VITRIOX GAS is an efficient gas-operated fusion machine that revolutionises XRF analysis by offering precision, reliability, and flexibility with its advanced fusion technology.

Product Overview

The VITRIOX® GAS is a gas-operated fusion machine designed to provide cold-to-cold automation with up to 6 positions operating simultaneously. Drawing on years of expertise in XRF fusion and analysis, it offers a robust design, high-quality parts, and a long product life. With great advantages over pressed pellets preparation and good temperature control, it ensures safety, precision, and comfort, making it a preferred choice for various applications.

Features & Benefits

VITRIOX GAS main image

Precision Control

Efficient Fusion Technology

Enhanced Safety

Casting Dish Sensors

Comprehensive Support

Complete XRF Solutions

Key applications

  • Efficient Fusion Technology: Ensures precise temperature control and robust design.
  • Casting Dish Sensors: Optional platinum mould sensors for enhanced safety.
  • Reliable Recycling Services: Long-lasting materials and trustworthy recycling without risk.
  • Platinum Ware: Ensures durability and quality.
  • Multiple Models: BO-0001, BO-0002, BO-0003, FX-X65-2P, FX-X100-2P available.
  • Complete XRF Solutions: Expert laboratory support and international service team.
  • Flexibility: Upgradeable with ICP/AAS and peroxide option. 

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The VITRIOX GAS fusion machine is a groundbreaking solution in the field of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis. In an era where precision, efficiency, and reliability are paramount, traditional methods often fall short. The need for a system that can offer accurate temperature control, robust design, and long-lasting materials has never been greater.

Enter VITRIOX GAS, a product that combines FLUXANA’s decades of expertise with innovative technology. Its gas-operated mechanism ensures cold-to-cold automation, allowing up to 6 positions to operate simultaneously. The optional platinum mould sensors and customer-specific safety housing add an extra layer of safety, while the touch display and easy-to-use software enhance comfort.

FLUXANA VITRIOX GAS fusion machine for X ray fluorescence analysis XRF-3 copy

Whether it’s the casting dish monitoring or the unique high-speed 3D rotation, VITRIOX GAS offers features that set it apart. Its flexibility, with upgradeable options like ICP/AAS and peroxide, makes it adaptable to various needs. From Bedburg-Hau, Germany, FLUXANA provides expert laboratory support and a service team for international support, ensuring that VITRIOX GAS is not just a product but a complete solution for XRF applications.

"The VITRIOX® GAS is a gas-operated fusion machine for XRF analysis, known
for its automation, safety, precision, and up to six position processing, making it a reliable
choice in XRF fusion technology."

Product FAQ's

Its efficient fusion technology, precise temperature control, and robust design make it ideal for XRF analysis.

Yes, it is available in multiple models like BO-0001, BO-0002, BO-0003, FX-X65-2P, FX-X100-2P.

It offers optional platinum mould sensors, customer-specific safety housing, and a gas detector for enhanced safety.

Yes, it is upgradeable with options like ICP/AAS and peroxide.


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