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State-of-the-art WD-XRF spectrometer for precise elemental industrial quality control.

Product Overview

The ZSX Primus III NEXT by Rigaku is a cutting-edge WDXRF spectrometer designed for rigorous industrial environments.

This instrument offers a unique tube-above configuration, enhancing its reliability by reducing the risk of contamination. With its capability to perform quantitative determination of elements from 4Be through 96Cm, it stands as a comprehensive solution for solid sample elemental analysis.

The ZSX Guidance software ensures that even non-specialists can achieve accurate results, making it a versatile tool for various industries.

Features & Benefits


Enhanced Reliability

ZSX Guidance

User-friendly Analysis

SQX Analysis

Versatile Applications

Key applications of ZSX Primus III NEXT

  • Tube-above Configuration: Minimizes contamination risks, enhancing uptime and reliability.
  • Extended Analytical Flexibility: Capable of analysing elements from 4Be to 96Cm.
  • ZSX Guidance Software: User-friendly interface, no need for specialist knowledge.
  • High-speed Analysis: Delivers precise results in minutes, enabling real-time process control.
  • Turnkey Application Packages: Industry-specific solutions including Pre-Calibration and Master Matching Libraries, for minerals and mining to petrochemicals and environmental studies.
  • Standardless Analysis (SQX): Out-of-the-box solutions for a wide-range of applications and sample types (solids, powders, metals etc).
  • Fused Bead Analysis: Comprehensive analysis for refractories and other materials.

ZSX Primus III NEXT Product Video

About the ZSX Primus III NEXT

Building upon Rigaku’s legacy in WD-XRF technology, the ZSX Primus III NEXT is a beacon of innovation in elemental analysis. Recognising the evolving needs of the industrial sector, this spectrometer has been meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Its tube-above configuration ensures minimal contamination risks, making it a reliable choice for rigorous industrial environments. Beyond its technical prowess, the ZSX Primus III NEXT is designed for the modern industry.

Its turnkey application packages, including the Pre-Calibrations and the Master Matching Library, ensure that industries can achieve precise results tailored to their specific needs. In short, the ZSX Primus III NEXT is not just a tool; it’s the future of elemental analysis, blending tradition with cutting-edge technology all at an affordable price.


"The Rigaku ZSX Primus III NEXT offers fast, quantitative
elemental analysis from Be to Cm for powders and solids"

Product FAQ's

Its unique tube-above configuration, high-speed analysis, and turnkey application packages make it stand out.

It minimizes the risk of contamination, enhancing reliability and uptime.

Absolutely, the ZSX Guidance software ensures that even non-specialists can achieve accurate results.

It’s ideal for a range of industries, from minerals and mining to petrochemicals and environmental studies and more.

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