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Unlock precision in elemental analysis with the ZSX Primus IV WD-XRF. 

Product Overview

The ZSX Primus IV WD-XRF, developed by Rigaku, is a state-of-the-art X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer designed for unparalleled accuracy in elemental mapping and analysis.

This instrument integrates advanced XRF analysis software and a digital multi-channel analyser to deliver high precision elemental analysis across a wide range of applications. Equipped with unique Tube-Above Optics XRF technology, it offers superior light element detection, enhancing the scope of research and quality control processes whilst ensuring the high-performance tube remains free from contamination from sample failure or spillage.

Its design focuses on efficiency, ease of use, and maintaining a high throughput, making it an indispensable tool for industries requiring rigorous material characterisation.

Features & Benefits

Rapid Elemental Mapping

Visualise element distributions across a sample.

Precision in Micro Analysis

Detailed insights into small samples with 0.5 mm spot size.

Superior Light Element Detection

Unmatched accuracy across a wide range of elements including 4Be and 5B.

Key applications

  • Sequential Wavelength Dispersive XRF: Facilitates a wide range of elemental detection with high resolution (from 4Be – 92U).
  • Advanced XRF Analysis Software: Enables sophisticated data analysis, ensuring accurate results.
  • Digital Multi-Channel Analyser: Enhances signal detection for improved analytical performance.
  • Tube-Above Optics XRF: Provides exceptional sensitivity and specificity in elemental analysis, with zero contamination risks.
  • Micro Analysis XRF Capability: Allows for detailed examination of small samples with a high precision 0.5 mm spot size.
  • Elemental Mapping XRF: Micro analysis offers comprehensive visualisation of elemental distribution across samples.
  • EZ Analysis Interface: Simplifies operation, making advanced analysis accessible to all users.
  • Light Element Detection XRF: Specialises in the accurate identification of lighter elements, critical for diverse applications.
  • High Throughput XRF Spectrometer: Maximises productivity without compromising on accuracy with a 48 position autosampler.
  • SQX Fundamental Parameters Software: Provides robust quantification across a broad spectrum of matrices.
  • XRF Quality Control Applications: Tailored solutions for rigorous quality assurance in manufacturing processes.

ZSX Primus IV WD-XRF Product Video

About the ZSX Primus IV WD-XRF

The ZSX Primus IV WD-XRF, engineered by Rigaku, is where efficiency meets quality in the field of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry.

This innovative instrument addresses the critical need for precise, accurate, and rapid elemental analysis across a myriad of industries, including metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, cements, environmental monitoring, and more.

By pinpointing the exact elemental composition of materials, it solves the complex challenges of material characterisation, quality control, and research development.

At the heart of the ZSX Primus IV WD-XRF is its advanced XRF analysis software, coupled with a digital multi-channel analyser, which together empower researchers and technicians to achieve unparalleled accuracy in their results.

The spectrometer’s Tube-Above X-Ray Optics technology features a 30-micron tube, the thinnest end window tube available in the industry.

This not only enhances the sensitivity of elemental detection but also ensures the integrity of the analysis by minimising contamination risks from falling sample material or spillages.

The inclusion of micro analysis XRF capabilities means that even the smallest samples can be examined with astonishing precision, opening new avenues for material science research.

Furthermore, the ZSX Primus IV WD-XRF features elemental mapping capabilities, offering a visual representation of elemental distribution that is critical for understanding material properties in depth.

The Helium seal ensure optics remain under vacuum to enhance the detection of light elements (including. 4Be and 5B), which are often challenging to analyse but are crucial for many applications.

Designed with the user in mind, the ZSX Primus IV WD-XRF boasts an EZ Analysis Interface that simplifies the process of XRF analysis, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

This user-friendly approach, combined with the instrument’s high throughput capabilities, ensures that high-quality results are not only achievable but also efficient, meeting the demands of fast-paced industrial environments.

In conclusion, the ZSX Primus IV WD-XRF by Rigaku is more than just an instrument; it is a comprehensive solution for modern analytical challenges.

It embodies a synergy of advanced technology, user-centric design, and versatile functionality, making it an indispensable tool for professionals aiming to achieve the highest standards in elemental analysis.


"The Primus IV from Rigaku sets the standard in WDXRF technology,
offering unparalleled precision and reliability for elemental analysis
across a wide range of applications."

Product FAQ's

The ZSX Primus IV WDXRF is ideal for a variety of sectors, including but not limited to, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, environmental science, and materials research, where precise elemental analysis is crucial.

Yes, it features advanced helium seal vacuum optics technology, specifically designed to enhance the detection of light elements with exceptional accuracy.

With its EZ Analysis Interface, the instrument is designed to be accessible to users of all skill levels, simplifying the process of XRF analysis.

Its high precision elemental analysis, coupled with high throughput capabilities and robust SQX Fundamental Parameters Software, makes it perfect for stringent quality control processes.

Elemental mapping provides a visual representation of elemental distribution across samples, offering deeper insights into material properties and aiding in comprehensive analysis.


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