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ZSX Primus IVi WD-XRF Spectrometer: Tube-below wavelength dispersive XRF spectrometer offers advanced, high-precision elemental analysis with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Product Overview

The ZSX Primus IVi WD-XRF Spectrometer sets new benchmarks in the field of X-ray fluorescence analysis.

Engineered with cutting-edge Tube-Below Optics XRF technology, with a 30-micron end-window tube that is the thinnest standard tube window in the industry. This spectrometer offers high-resolution elemental measurement capabilities across a wide range of materials, including liquids, powders, and solid samples.

Its advanced SQX Analysis Software enhances data accuracy, facilitating rapid and precise elemental identification. Designed for both routine laboratory analysis and advanced research applications, the ZSX Primus IV delivers high-throughput analysis with exceptional precision, making it an indispensable tool for industries requiring uncompromised analytical performance.

Features & Benefits


Versatile Sample Analysis

 Suitable for Liquids, Powders and Solids

Superior Light Element Detection

Unmatched accuracy across a wide range of elements from 4Be to 92U.

High-Speed Analysis

The Digital Multi-Channel Analyser facilitates high-speed digital processing for improved analytical precision and increased throughput.

Key applications

  • Sequential Wavelength Dispersive XRF: Facilitates a wide range of elemental detection with high resolution (from 4Be – 92U).
  • Advanced XRF Analysis Software: Enables sophisticated data analysis, ensuring accurate results.
  • Digital Multi-Channel Analyser: Enhances signal detection for improved analytical performance.
  • Thin-window tube-below optics: Provides exceptional sensitivity and specificity in elemental analysis, with the thinnest end-window X-Ray tube in the industry
  • Micro Analysis XRF Capability: Allows for detailed examination of small samples with a high precision 0.5 mm spot size.
  • Elemental Mapping XRF: Micro analysis offers comprehensive visualisation of elemental distribution across samples.
  • EZ Analysis Interface: Simplifies operation, making advanced analysis accessible to all users.
  • Light Element Detection XRF: Specialises in the accurate identification of lighter elements, critical for diverse applications.
  • High Throughput XRF Spectrometer: Maximises productivity without compromising on accuracy with a 48 position autosampler.
  • SQX Fundamental Parameters Software: Provides robust quantification across a broad spectrum of matrices.
  • XRF Quality Control Applications: Tailored solutions for rigorous quality assurance in manufacturing processes.

ZSX Primus IVi WD-XRF Product Video

About the ZSX Primus IVi WD-XRF

The ZSX Primus IVi WD-XRF, engineered by Rigaku, is where efficiency meets quality in the field of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry.

This cutting-edge instrument addresses the critical need for fast, accurate, and versatile elemental measurement across a diverse range of samples. It emerges as a pivotal tool for industries where precision and efficiency are not just desired but required.

At the heart of its operation lies the Tube-Below Optics XRF technology, with the thinnest (30 micron) end-window tube in the industry that enhances detection capabilities, especially for light elements, providing superior sensitivity and resolution. Coupled with the enhanced Third-Generation SQX Software, the spectrometer delivers a user-friendly experience without compromising on analytical performance.

This combination not only streamlines the analytical process but also significantly reduces the potential for human error, making complex analyses more accessible and reliable.

ZSX Primus IVi WD-XRF Spectrometer Tube-below wavelength dispersive XRF spectrometer (2)

One of the standout features of the ZSX Primus IVi is its High-Speed Digital Multi-Channel Analyser, which dramatically accelerates data collection, enabling high-throughput analysis without sacrificing accuracy.

This feature is complemented by the spectrometer’s ability to perform Standardless FP Analysis, offering the flexibility to analyse samples without the need for standard references, thus saving time and reducing costs.

Furthermore, the Automated Centre Wire Cleaning function minimises maintenance downtime, ensuring that the instrument remains operational and performs at its peak.

This feature, along with the spectrometer’s advanced capabilities in handling liquid samples through High Precision Liquid Sample Correction, makes it an invaluable asset for laboratories engaged in the analysis of solutions, petrochemicals, solids, powders, and many other materials.

ZSX Primus IVi WD-XRF Spectrometer Tube-below wavelength dispersive XRF spectrometer (1)

The ZSX Primus IVi WD-XRF Spectrometer is not just an analytical instrument; it’s a comprehensive solution that embodies the convergence of speed, accuracy, and versatility. It stands as a testament to the advancements in analytical technology, offering a seamless and efficient pathway to obtaining precise elemental analysis across a broad spectrum of applications.

In conclusion, the ZSX Primus IVi WD-XRF Spectrometer represents the pinnacle of analytical technology, offering an unparalleled combination of speed, accuracy, and versatility.

It is an instrument designed not just to meet the current demands of elemental analysis but to anticipate and address the future needs of this ever-evolving field.

The Primus IVi by Rigaku revolutionises WDXRF with its superior accuracy and speed
in elemental analysis for both research and industry.

Product FAQ's

It can analyse a wide range of samples, including liquids, powders, metals, alloys and other materials, offering versatile solutions for various industries.

It simplifies data processing, enhances accuracy, and reduces analysis time, making complex analyses more manageable.

Yes, thanks to its Standardless FP Analysis, it provides quality results even without standard reference samples.

It automatically cleans the centre detector wire to ensure consistent performance and reduce maintenance downtime.

Absolutely, its superior light element detection capabilities make it highly effective for analyses requiring precise identification of light elements (including 4Be and 5B).

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