The School of Geography, Geology and the Environment (SGGE), University of Leicester have recently taken delivery of a Rigaku Primus IV WD-XRF spectrometer and supported by SciMed ltd.

Key to the success was the advanced features of the instrument for mapping down to Boron and the ease of operation of the software.

Flexibility of the analytical methods to combine calibrations with standardless analysis allows researchers to work with difficult materials and produce results with the minimum of setup time.

This new instrument joins a suite of analytical equipment (incl. advanced microscopy, SEM, LA-ICP-MS and others) in an effort to modernise and advance research support capabilities. 

The Primus IV will facilitate rapid, non-destructive, multi-element chemical analysis/characterisation of solid samples including rocks, soils, ceramics, metals, and alloys and is typically used as the first level of data generation for a multitude of research applications. Specifically, within SGGE, this includes investigations into the fundamental Earth processes that contribute to the development of economic ore-deposits, in addition to the development of novel, environmentally friendly critical-metal extraction methods.

The Primus will also contribute to research more broadly across the College of Science and Engineering. The introduction of its new light element analytical capabilities and small spot mapping will prove essential in the assessment of innovative coatings technologies, including the assessment of thickness and evenness of distribution on a variety of alloy surfaces.

It is envisaged that this new system with offer enhanced synergy across SGGE analytical capabilities, facilitating a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach in the macro to micro chemical characterisation of research materials.

The instrument is now installed and SciMed are working to bring the instrument into full use. SciMed look forward to a process of continuous development with The University of Leicester to enable the University to obtain maximum benefit for the instrument with support and knowledge from our expert team. 

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