Van der Heijden offer a full range of chillers for temperature control of instrumentation as well as other applications. The complete range of models are available as air cooled or water-water or water-air cooled. These chillers come with full support and 2 years parts and labour warranty. Customised and OEM solutions can also be provided.

Kühlmobil Water Air Cooled

This range of chillers forms the core of the Van der Heijden products. The features of this range are: • 39 different models • 100% water saving • cooling temperature adjustable • minimal space • noiseless • easy to use • 10 to 140 litres/min • fuel capacity 5–250 litres • power 180 watts to 40 KW • 2 years warranty You can also visit the Van der Heijden website for more product details by clicking on their logo below. Contact Us ENQUIRE CALL US LIVE CHAT * Live chat opening hours Mon – Fri 9:15 to 16:30 (UK Time)

Water-Water cooling

If there is a circulating water circuit within the building, a Van Der Heijden Water-Water chiller may offer the best solution. Water-water coolers from Van der Heijden are available in the same performance versions as the standard KÜHLMOBIL. All the models are specially designed to run from existing water circuits and can be supplied with outputs of up to 150kW. Features All models are equipped with: • bypass • manometer • sensor (to monitor the flow) The temperature control is part of the secondary circuit. A motorised valve on the primary circuit automatically regulates the water volume. Benefits • very…

COOL-CARE® aircooled

COOL-CARE® is a unique range of air cooled chillers. This chiller is ideally suited for cooling after-condensers used in conjunction with membrane vacuum pumps. The COOL-CARE® applies the same principle as a circulating cooler. A refrigerating unit cools the circulating water oranti-freeze mixture in a small container made out of V2A, from where a circulating pump conveys it to the unit which isto be cooled. Range of application• HPLC• Electrophoresis• Micro-Rotis• Soxleth• Water baths – and more Benefits• 100% water savings• Temperature of cooling water can be set as required• Minimal space requirements on the laboratory table• Virtually silent in…

Water Chiller by Van der Heijden

SciMed offers the full range of Van der Heijden cooling thermostats and flow coolers. Principle. A compressor cools water or a solution of water with anti-freeze to the selected temperature in an internal buffer. This chilled water is then circulated via a pump through to the cooling equipment or setup. The product catalogue from Van der Heijden contains 39 standard models of chillers with cooling capacities between 180 watt and 40 kW. Available technologies • Air-cooled• Liquid cooling (with compressor) and air-cooled condenser (heat from chiller will go into the room)• Liquid cooling (with compressor) and water-cooled condenser (no heat…