Scanning Electron Microscopy

Hirox Manufacture a comprehensive range of benchtop Scanning Electron Microscopes. These range from manually operated sample stage solutions to a state of the art 5 axis sample stage. An advanced range of optional EDS detectors is also available for elemental qualitative and quantitative analysis.
In SEM, a focused beam of electrons is scanned across the specimen surface in an evacuated chamber and the backscattered and secondary electrons produced are processed to provide a topographical image of the specimen surface.

The electron beam also generates characteristic X-rays of the specimen. With the use of energy-dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), it is possible to obtain an elemental map of the specimen surface layer.

In traditional SEM, the specimen must be coated with a conducting layer to overcome charging of the surface by the electron beam. This limits the surface sensitivity as all backscattered, secondary electrons and emitted X-rays must penetrate the surface coating which means that high energy incident beams (say 30keV) need be used.

However, recent developments mean that a lower-energy electron beam (approximately 1-3keV) can be used which can eliminate the problem of surface charging and hence the necessity for coating the specimen surface.

If the electron beam is not scanned but held in one spot on the specimen, quantitative elemental analysis can be performed on the areas of interest under the electron beam.

EDS Detectors for HIROX SEM

The EDS detector system for the HIROS benchtops SEM is the Bruker Quantax range: • Solid state SDD type – Nitrogen Free • Elemental range: Boron (B) to Americium (90)…


High magnification beyond the optical limit: • Maximum 30,000x Magnification • BSE Detector (Solid State Type) • 5kV to 30kV Variable Accelerating Voltage • Multi-Vacuum Mode – Standard / Charge…


High magnification beyond the optical limit: • Max. 60,000x Magnification • SE Detector & BSE Detector – Multi Mode • 5kV to 30kV Variable Accelerating Voltage • Multi-Vacuum Mode –…

HIROX SH-5500P Benchtop SEM

The new SH-5500P is the first ever benchtop SEM with a 5-axis motorised stage. Not only can the user get a motorized x-y-z movements but it also includes 360degrees rotation…