Scanning Electron Microscopy

SciMed offer a complete range of Scanning Electron Microscopes. These range from benchtop models to high performance floor standing microscopes. These microscopes are made by rapidly emerging suppliers: SEC Co.Ltd and CIQTEK.

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A complete range of optional EDS detectors is also available for elemental qualitative and quantitative analysis.

In traditional SEM, the specimen must be coated with a conducting layer to overcome charging of the surface by the electron beam.

This limits the surface sensitivity. However, recent developments mean that a lower-energy electron beam (approximately 1-3keV) can be used which can eliminate the problem of surface charging and hence the necessity for coating the specimen surface. The HIROX SEM offers this low acceleration option

Smart Tabletop SEM SNE-ALPHA

SNE-ALPHA: The Smart Tabletop SEM by SEC

Smart Tabletop SEM: SNE-ALPHA Optimised user convenience with ultra-clear resolution in particle size analysis and 3D rendering. OVERVIEW | FEATURES | VIDEO | ABOUT | ENQUIRE / CALL BACK Product Overview The SNE-ALPHA by SEC is a brand-new tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) designed to bring optimized user convenience and improved ultra-clear resolution. This smart tabletop SEM features software updates to five convenient automatic features, making it easier to conduct analysis. New features such as particle size analysis and 3D rendering expand the range of potential user applications. With a high-precision navigation movement, it offers a unique, one-of-a-kind 5-axis motor…

EDS detectors for SEC and CIQTEK SEM

The EDS detector system for the SEC and CIQTEK  benchtops SEM is the Bruker Quantax range:• Solid state SDD type – Nitrogen Free• Elemental range: Boron (B) to Americium (90)• Spectrum Resolution <133eV (Mn Ka)• Multipoint analysis, Line Scan, Elemental Mapping   Contact Us ENQUIRE CALL US LIVE CHAT * Live chat opening hours Mon – Fri 9:15 to 16:30 (UK Time)