Model 410 Clinical Flame Photometer

For clinical samples, Flame Photometry is the most sensitive and robust method for the determination of sodium, potassium and lithium.

Sherwood Scientific’s Model 410 Clinical Flame Photometer is delivered with Na, K and Li filters pre-fitted and an appropriate multi-element calibrator in mmol/l (1 x 100ml).

The instrument is also fitted with a digital interface and sodium linearization facility allowing direct, straight line calibration of clinically significant concentrations of sodium, as well as potassium and lithium, following suitable dilution.

The Model 805 Continuous Flow Diluter, used together with the Model 410 Clinical Flame Photometer, gives nominal sample dilution ratios of 1:200 and 1:50. It has been designed to give consistent dilution of calibrator and samples to the Flame Photometer.

Both Model 410 Industrial and Model 410 Clinical Flame Photometers can be further enhanced by the use of the Model 410 BlueNotes software (41066000) and Model 860 Autosampler (86000009).

Fully integrated and automated systems are possible, even for the Model 410 Classic Flame Photometer via our Update and Automate Modules and packages.

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