VIAVI MicroNIR Onsite

The MicroNIR Onsite from VIAVI (ex JDSU) is the world’s smallest NIR spectrometer. The ‘fit for purpose’ design allows the user to apply NIR in a way never seen before.

The MicroNIR family of spectrometers is the next generation of ultra-compact near-infrared spectrometer sensors and analysers, solving customer needs across multiple industries. The pharmaceutical, agriculture and chemical industries have deployed the MicroNIR spectrometer for real-time, non-intrusive chemical and physical analysis of materials and monitoring of processes. This has resulted in improved quality control, reduced costs and faster decision-making.

The MicroNIR spectrometer’s small form factor, its cost-effectiveness, exceptional performance and ease of use have allowed for wider adoption and greater flexibility in installation and scalability of near-infrared spectroscopy solutions. Data and information about processes or materials can be obtained from a network of operations or locations and used to continually optimise and improve the process, thus enabling smarter factories and smarter farms.

The MicroNIR Spectrometer is powered by Viavi Solutions’ Linear Variable Filter (LVF), an innovation in optical system design and miniaturisation. The building block is the MicroNIR engine that contains the light source, collection optics, dispersing element, detector and electronics in a package that weighs 64 grams (2.3 oz.) and is less than 50mm (2”) in diameter and height.

The family of products is divided into Handheld and Process instruments.

Common to all products are:
• wavelength range: 950–1650 nm
• fibre-optic free
• no moving parts
• fast acquisition speeds
• regression and classification model development
• real-time analysis
• USP 1119 Compliance and 21 CFR Part 11 tools



• suitable for field/laboratory or process testing
• easy to use
• non-destructive testing of samples
• enables rapid testing
• enables on-line process monitoring

The MicroNIR Onsite “Tool Kit”



The MicroNIR Onsite PRO ES is a lightweight and cost-effective near infrared (NIR) spectrometer that combines Viavi’s high-precision optical coating technology with innovation in optical system design and miniaturisation.

Integrating Viavi linear variable filter (LVF) technology as the dispersing element, the spectrometer contains the light source, collection optics, electronics, and LVF in a housing that is <50 mm in diameter, <45 mm tall, and only 64g in weight. The spectrometer is USB powered and can be used in diffuse reflection, transmission, or transflection modes.

A MicroNIR Pro package includes a number of accessories that either enhance ease-of-use or enable measuring with different configurations that best fit specific applications.

Standard accessories include:
• vial holder with 100 5 ml glass vials
• standard collar for normal operation
• windowed collar for powder and soft material measurement and easy cleaning
• 99% spectralon references for vial measurement and point-and-shoot operation
• bracket with ¼-20 thread for ease of mounting on standard optical post or mount
• softshell case for shipping and transportation. 



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