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Fluxana Calibration Sets

FLUXANA Calibration Standard packages

FLUXANA Calibration Standard packages provide precision in X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis by offering complete solutions for various application methods to achieve accurate results.

Product Overview

FLUXANA Calibration Standard packages are designed to provide precise and reliable solutions for X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis. With options for glass bead and powder calibration samples, these standards ensure compatibility with various fusion methods. The complete calibration package offers flexibility in sample preparation and is backed by certified reference materials. Ideal for diverse XRF applications and for all make and model spectrometers, FLUXANA Calibration Standard packages are a trusted choice for discerning XRF users. 

Features & Benefits

Fluxana Calibration Sets

Precision in XRF

Various Calibration Methods

Fusion Compatibility

Adaptable for all makes and models of fusion equipment. 

Flexible Preparation

Diverse Sample Types

Key applications

  • Various Calibration Matrices: Glass Bead and Powder Calibration Samples.
  • Fusion Method Compatibility: Suitable for different fusion techniques.
  • Complete Calibration Package: All-in-one solution for XRF applications.
  • Sample Preparation Flexibility: Adaptable to different sample types and requirements.
  • Certified Reference Materials: Ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • Support and Contact: Expert advice and support from the dedicated SciMed XRF team. 

FLUXANA Calibration Standard packages Product Video

About the FLUXANA Calibration Standard packages

FLUXANA Calibration Standard packages are a great advancement in the field of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) by offering precise and efficient calibration solutions. These standards, available in glass bead and powder calibration samples, are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, including mining, cement, and geological.

The problem of inconsistent and time-consuming calibration is addressed by the FLUXANA Calibration Standard packages. 


With compatibility for different fusion methods, they provide flexibility and efficiency across a wide range of fusion machines. The complete calibration package ensures that all the necessary components are available in one place, making the process streamlined and convenient.

The certified reference materials add to the accuracy, allowing laboratories to trust the results. The dedicated SciMed XRF team is always on hand to offer expert advice. 

"FLUXANA specializes in X-ray fluorescence (XRF) calibration standards,
offering a range of types like powder and glass, crucial for
ensuring accurate and flexible XRF analysis."

Product FAQ's

Glass Bead and Powder Calibration Samples.

Yes, the Fluxana calibration packages are designed to be compatible with all makes and models of fusion machines.

The package includes certified standards already pre-fused or in powder form, drift monitors, spare flux and qualification standards. This makes for a complete set allowing users to get an optimal calibration and also the tools to maintain the calibration over time.

Yes, FLUXANA Calibration Standards come with certified reference materials to ISO:17025. 

You can contact SciMed team of dedicated experts via the form below or call us directly. 


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