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High-Pressure Rotating Cage Apparatus

An advanced Rotating Cage Apparatus for evaluating corrosion inhibitors in refinery and oilfield applications

Product Overview

The Rotating Cage Apparatus is a high-pressure, high-temperature system designed to evaluate corrosion inhibitors in refinery and oilfield applications. Compliant with ASTM G170, it simulates the interaction between corrosive fluid and carbon/low alloy steel. The system includes a reactor made of corrosion-resistant alloy, gas and liquid feed systems, reflux condenser, pressure controller, and automated control. Customisable components ensure it meets specific testing requirements.

Features & Benefits

ASTM G170 Compliance

Industry Standard Adherence

Automated Control

Precision Operation

Max Pressure 2900 psi

Versatile Applications

Key applications of High-Pressure Rotating Cage Apparatus

  • Corrosion Resistant Alloy Construction: Ensures durability and resistance to harsh environments.
  • Compliance with ASTM G170: Adheres to industry standards for corrosion inhibitors evaluation.
  • Automated Control System: Provides precision and ease of operation.
  • Reactor, Gas, and Liquid Feed Systems: Offers comprehensive testing capabilities.
  • Maximum Operating Pressure and Temperature: 2900 psi (200 bar) and 200°C, respectively, for versatile applications.
  • Reflux Condenser and Pressure Controller: Enhances control over testing conditions.

High-Pressure Rotating Cage Apparatus Product Videos

About the High-Pressure Rotating Cage Apparatus

In the demanding fields of refinery and oilfield applications, evaluating corrosion inhibitors is a critical task. Traditional methods may lack the precision and control needed to simulate real-world conditions. The High-Pressure Rotating Cage Apparatus is designed to address these challenges, offering a solution that complies with ASTM G170 and provides a comprehensive system for accurate evaluation.

The system’s standout features include its corrosion-resistant alloy construction, adherence to ASTM G170, automated control, reactor system, gas and liquid feed systems, reflux condenser, and pressure controller. These features directly benefit customers by providing precise evaluations, versatile applications, and customisable components to meet specific testing requirements. Whether in the refinery or oilfield, this apparatus is an essential tool for corrosion inhibitors evaluation.


Product Specifications

Maximum Operating Pressure

2900 psi (200 bar)

Maximum Operating Temperature

200 °C

Wetted Materials


Coupon # / geometry

8 / Variable

Reactor Volume

5 L

Max rotation rate

2000 rpm

"The Rotating Cage Apparatus by Parr Instrument Company is a specialised
device for corrosion inhibitor testing under extreme conditions, suitable
for refinery and drilling applications."

Product FAQ's

It ensures that the apparatus meets industry standards for evaluating corrosion inhibitors.

Yes, the system can be customised to meet individual testing needs.

The reactor system is made of corrosion-resistant alloy, such as Alloy C276.

The maximum operating pressure is 2900 psi (200 bar), and the temperature is 200°C.

Yes, the apparatus includes an automated control system for precision and ease of operation


Application Note 1

Application Note 1

Application Note 1

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