ATR-P Touch Refractometer

The critical angle ATR-P refractometer is designed for applications in the sugar industry. The system is controlled with either a touch screen controller or PC/Laptop. A built-in solid state Peltier thermostat provides fast and reliable sample temperature control.

  • High-performance refractometer for the determination of mixing ratios (mass percent)
  • Rugged measuring head (IP65)
  • Single or flow through measurements
  • Temperature compensation of Brix scale
  • Energy saving LED light source
  • Optional 21 CFR part 11 sotware

Main specifications

Measuring scalesRefractive Index (RI)
Sucrose (%Brix)
Customised scales
Measuring range1,32000 – 1,54000 RI / 100 % Brix
Resolution0,00001 RI / 0,01 % Brix
Precision± 0,00002 RI / ± 0,02 % Brix
Reproducibility± 0,00001 RI / ± 0,01 % Brix
Measurement modeSingle sample or flow through measurement
Ambient temperature+10 – +40 °C
Temperature measurementNTC sensor for measurement of sample temperature placed inside the prism
Temperature control sampleBy external water bath
Temperature control range+5 – +50 °C
Temperature resolution0.01 °C
Temperature precision± 0.03 °C
Temperature reproducibility± 0.02 °C
Temperature compensation Brix+5 bis +50 °C
Additional Information
Light source/wavelengthLED, interference filter 589 nm
Display7″ touch screen, 800 x 480 Pixel, 16 Bit colours
OperationTouchscreen, keyboard, mouse, barcode-reader, remote via PC
Interfaces/communication2xRS232 C serial, 3xUSB (A), 1xUSB (B), 1xEthernet, easy connection of keyboard, mouse, printer, bar code reader, PC and network
Power consumption (measuring head)230 V / 50 Hz – 1,6 W
230 V / 60 Hz – 1,7 W
Standards*International Pharmacopoeia, ASTM, ICUMSA and others

* Specific standards depend on application and country of use. Details on request.

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