Primus IVi – Tube below 4kW WDXRF system optimised for Liquids and Powders. The new spectrometer features a number of improvements from previous systems. The ZSX Primus IVi design offers the smallest footprint available in its class. The efficiency of the new drive sequence decreases time between multiple high-speed precision measurements. The redesigned control systems optimize a series of movement sequences, also resulting in shortened measurement times.

The ZSX Primus IVi system includes a patented vacuum partition system for analysing liquids. Because the spectroscopic chamber is separated from the sample chamber when changing helium gas, the conversion from vacuum atmosphere to helium atmosphere can be completed in under two minutes. Helium consumption is further reduced compared to models where the spectroscopic chamber must also be fully purged.

The Rigaku optical system is less sensitive to the effect of sample surface height and enables suppression of Xray intensity changes caused by variation in distance from the tube. Accuracy of analysis is enhanced by minimizing the effects from differences in fusion moulds used in glass bead formulation and the impact of uneven sample surfaces.

Another key advantage is the enhanced ZSX Guidance software, standard for the equipment, which guides the user through automated optimized analysis settings. The software includes a quantitative application auto-configuration features that automatically sets measurement conditions and various corrections based on the user’s own standards. A user access function, which can set an access level for each operator, was also added for worry-free operation.

The software is programmable for routine, everyday analysis using removable sample trays. Sample ID settings for each tray facilitates easy copy-and-paste for efficient measurement setup. Improved accuracy of liquid sample analysis is achieved by enabling the correction of geometry effect caused by the volume of sample in liquid sample cups.

The PRIMUS IVi is a high powered 4KW Tube Below WD-XRF offering outstanding performance, high speed elemental and elemental mapping analysis.

More about the PRIMUS IVi

Rigaku ZSX Primus IVi is a tube-below sequential wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer developed for various purposes from research and development to production control.

The newly developed operation software “ZSX Guidance” provides strong support for operators in generating measurement conditions and calibrating the system. Operators can perform XRF analysis without professional expertise with this software.

With faster counting circuit and optimizing movements of the sample changer and various driving systems, analysis speed is significantly improved (up 40% for Qualitative scans and 18% for Quantitative).

The ZSX Primus provides unsurpassed performance with the flexibility for analysing the most complex samples. The 30-micron tube, the thinnest end-window tube available in the industry, guarantees that light elements are easy to detect and clear to interpret. Combined with the most advanced mapping package to examine homogeneity and inclusions, the ZSX Primus offers state of the art performance.

The ZSX PRIMUS offers the smallest small footprint in the market for those laboratories with limited space.

The 48 Position Autosampler ensures maximum throughput for busy analytical laboratories.

Advanced semi-quantitative analysis using ‘Scan Quant X’ and ‘EZ Scan’ make analysis of unknowns an easy process yielding accurate analysis where additions of similar ‘Library’ standards can be used. When liquid sample analysis using a sample cell, accuracy of the analysis is now improved by correction for the influence caused by differences in sample amount (Geometry effect).

MINIMISE He consumption!

The cost of Helium gas is going up all the time. The PRIMUS IVi  includes sealed vacuum optics separating the sample introduction chamber from the main optics. This feature means that only the actual sample chamber volume requires a He purge. This minimises consumption, especially when a user switches from Vacuum to He mode.

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