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Advanced Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels

State-of-the-art Advanced Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels pressure are designed for precision, safety, and durability in laboratory settings.

Product Overview

Our Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels are engineered to meet the stringent demands of modern laboratories.

Ideal for high-pressure and high-temperature applications, these vessels are essential for researchers and professionals conducting chemical reactions, material testing, and various scientific experiments.

With a focus on safety, versatility, and performance, our vessels are available in a wide range of capacities and designs, including custom options to suit specific project needs.

Features & Benefits

Key applications

  • Robust Construction: Made with high-quality materials for maximum durability and safety.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a broad spectrum of high-pressure and high-temperature experiments.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Designed with safety valves and rupture discs to ensure operational safety.
  • Customisation Options: Tailored configurations available to meet unique research requirements.
  • Precision Control: Equipped with sophisticated controllers for precise pressure and temperature management.

About the Advanced Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels

Introducing our cutting-edge Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels, the cornerstone of precision and reliability in laboratory environments.

At the heart of scientific innovation lies the need for equipment that can keep pace with the rigorous demands of research and development.

Our vessels are meticulously designed to address this need, providing a robust platform for high-pressure and high-temperature experiments essential in advancing chemical research, materials science, and beyond.

Crafted with precision, our range of pressure vessels encompasses everything from small volume units for precise experiments to high capacity systems for large-scale research endeavors.

With materials chosen for their durability and resistance to extreme conditions, each vessel stands as a testament to quality and safety.


The inclusion of state-of-the-art pressure vessel controllers and accessories ensures that researchers have full control over their experiments, with the ability to adjust conditions to their exact specifications.

Our dedication to innovation extends to our custom pressure vessel systems, offering bespoke solutions that are tailor-made for specific experimental setups.

This flexibility ensures that no matter the complexity of the research, our vessels can be adapted to meet and exceed the challenges faced by scientists today.

Safety is paramount, with each vessel designed to adhere to stringent safety standards, incorporating features like pressure relief valves and rupture discs to protect both the user and the integrity of the research.

"Parr's Advanced Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels are engineered for laboratory excellence,
offering state-of-the-art precision, safety, and durability for a
broad range of high-pressure applications"

Product FAQ's

Our vessels are constructed with materials specifically chosen for their high-temperature resistance, ensuring reliable performance under extreme conditions.

Absolutely, we offer Custom Pressure Vessel Systems designed to meet the precise requirements of your experiments.

Our vessels are equipped with advanced safety features, including safety valves and rupture discs, to ensure a safe operating environment.

We provide a wide range of volumes, from Small Volume Pressure Vessels for detailed studies to High Capacity Pressure Vessels for large-scale experiments.

Yes, we provide comprehensive support and guidance for setting up, operating, and maintaining our pressure vessels, including detailed manuals and customer support services.

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