Flame Photometers

Instruments for estimating alkali metals by flame photometry.

Typical applications include:
Sodium determination in foods, sodium (Na) and potassium (K) determination in cement, potassium (K)in fertilisers, potassium (K) in plant materials and potassium (K) in soils, sodium (Na) in fuels oil.

410 BlueNotes Software

410 BlueNotesis a software package designed for data collection, storage, manipulation and report generation. It can also improve throughput, enhance precision and extend the utility of the Model 410 Flame Photometer. Everything is visible on one operational page. • With the 410 BlueNotessoftware package you can: • use real names and sample numbers in your reports • perform Multipoint calibrations with curve fit • automatically correct for instrument drift • save calibration curves • save methods • archive results • prepare and print professional reports • use Automatic Peak Selection facility to assess stability of readings • automate analyses with…


We have two specially designed Air Compressors available for use with Sherwood Scientifics Flame Photometers: the Model 851 and the Model 855. The Model 855 Air Compressor has a water cooled trap for operation in humid atmospheres. Both compressors provide a dedicated, clean, dry air supply which is vital to achieve stable flame conditions and constant sample delivery – essential for ensuring good precision of results. The correct part number has to be specified when ordering an Air Compressor to ensure compatibility with local electrical operating voltages. The following Air Compressors are recommended for use with all Sherwood Scientific’s Flame…

Model 425 Flame Photometer

The Sherwood Scientific Model 425 Flame Photometer expands upon capability of the Model 420 Flame Photometer with addition of an additional detector and filter for Calcium determination. It also offers the ‘301 mode’ feature which allows connection to a number of the more popular continuous flow systems. Both the Model 420 Flame Photometer and Model 425 Flame Photometer have RS232 output for printer or computer connection and are compatible with our Model 860 Autosampler for unattended sample analysis. Both models may be used with the Model 805 Continuous Flow Diluter, again in conjunction with (or without) the Model 860 Autosampler….

Model 420 and 425 Dual Channel Flame Photometer

The Sherwood Scientific Model 420 Clinical Flame Photometer was developed from the Single Channel Model 410 Flame Photometer with the objective of improving productivity and analytical performance when measuring sodium and potassium. It is available in Clinical (475 42 000) or Industrial (475 42 100) format with appropriate NIST traceable calibration solution concentrates. The biggest improvement is Dual Channel operation, allowing both sodium and potassium to be calibrated, measured and displayed simultaneously. The Model 420 retains many of the Model 410′s attributes: ease of use, ease of maintenance and stable flame design but is enhanced with auto flame optimisation, internal…

Model 410 Industrial Flame Photometer

Flame Photometry is the technique of choice for the measurement of sodium, potassium and calcium in all sample types for: • mineral extraction • oil industry • paper industry • pharmaceuticals • soil analysis • utilities • food and beverage • chemical manufacture • fertilisers Sherwood Scientific’s Model 410 Industrial Flame Photometer with digital output (for printer or PC connection), also offers sodium linearization capability to allow higher concentrations of Sodium (<40 ppm) to be directly measured using a single point calibration. This facility can be switched on or off according to the operator’s preference or protocol for sodium determinations….

Model 410 Clinical Flame Photometer

For clinical samples, Flame Photometry is the most sensitive and robust method for the determination of sodium, potassium and lithium. Sherwood Scientific’s Model 410 Clinical Flame Photometer is delivered with Na, K and Li filters pre-fitted and an appropriate multi-element calibrator in mmol/l (1 x 100ml). The instrument is also fitted with a digital interface and sodium linearization facility allowing direct, straight line calibration of clinically significant concentrations of sodium, as well as potassium and lithium, following suitable dilution. The Model 805 Continuous Flow Diluter, used together with the Model 410 Clinical Flame Photometer, gives nominal sample dilution ratios of…

Model 360 Flame Photometer

Sherwood’s Scientific’s Model 360 Flame Photometer offers: • five element (Na, K, Li, Ca, Ba) single channel Flame Photometer • ergonomic design with front loading, unobstructed sample work area • removable tray for easy cleaning with ease of use resulting from auto ignition and flame optimisation • peak picker for presenting unambiguous readings and selected filter indicator • safety features including fail safe flame detection and shut off • high sensitivity with fine manual control of air and stable flame design • separate pneumatic and electronic pods • small footprint (20 x 30cm) • easy-to-remove and clean filter stick •…