Mercury Analyzers from Analytik Jena

Analytik Jena has a long tradition in developing high-performance precision analytical systems which dates back to the inventions made by Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss. The Analytical Instrumentation business unit offers our customers complete solutions in the fields of optical spectroscopy, sum parameters and elemental analysis.

The mercur is a compact system specially optimized for the complete, automated, reliable and cost-effective determination of mercury traces. It is available either in AFS or AAS configuration, and for maximum flexibility is also available in a combined AFS and AAS configuration with software-controlled change of the detection technique. The device combines this highly sensitive detection technology with the cold vapour technique.

The mercur can be used with three enrichment modes – no enrichment, simple enrichment, and cascade enrichment which is ultimately compliant to EPA 1631 requirements.

Clever dosage due to two separate pump systems – this ensures fast cleaning of the pump tubing, saves time and reduces the amount of reagents needed

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