Infrared Spectroscopy

SciMed Webinar

Tuesday 18th October 2022

Controlling Raw Materials & Finished Goods in Food Production using Near Infrared Spectroscopy – the latest handheld sensor technology and data processing.

SciMed Ltd will be hosting an online webinar in association with Chemometric Brain where we’ll be showcasing the latest handheld sensor technology and data processing.

Near Infrared systems have been around for decades. However, changes in form factors, wireless/Bluetooth integration and development into market leaders’ chemometric platforms have allowed NIR devices to be used in new ways.

Our guest speakers

Darren Machen – SciMed

Darren Machen is the UK Product Manager for the MicroNIR range of the Viavi Near Infrared Sensors since 2015.

Darren’s passion for analytical chemistry has seen him work alongside world renown instrumentation manufacturers to bring the best analytical solution to his customers.

Sara Chumillas Lidón

Sara is currently Scientific Lead at Chemometric Brain.

PhD in Physical Chemistry. 8+ years of experience in application of spectroscopic and chemometric techniques.Her entire professional career has been linked to Research & Development in both public universities and private industry.

She joined Chemometric Brain team in June 2020.

Sara Chumillas Lidón

What will I learn on the webinar?

We will discuss the handheld Onsite-W Near Infrared Spectrometer from Viavi and how we can integrate it with the Chemometric Brain platform for easier, faster and cost-effective food quality control.

Digitising food supply chains by using NIR devices can reduce non-conformance incidents, customer complaints and food fraud, thus eliminating risks to your brand. How can you routinely ensure your raw materials are fit-for-purpose in a time and budget-sensitive manner?

Time: 10am 

Duration: 1 hour

Where: Online (a link will be sent to you once the book here form has been completed)

Want to attend?

About Scimed

SciMed is a distributor for global analytical and process instrumentation. We have been at the forefront of over 40 years, and we have an extensive knowledge base of product specialists. Viavi is one of our key suppliers of NIR devices aimed at food, pharma, chemical, industrial and environmental industries. We work along side our suppliers and customers to ensure we provide solutions best tailored to their needs, expectations, and budget.

About Chemometric Brain -

Digitising food quality control is key to face global challenges in the food industry as increasing food fraud, broken and unsustainable supply chains and SMEs having little access to technology.

Chemometric Brain is a novel NIR-based software in the cloud that helps improve quality control at lower cost, without need for external labs and providing results in a few seconds. It controls all incoming and outgoing batches, prevents food fraud, and helps validate suppliers faster, in an easy-to-implement software-as-a-service solutions. 

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